Manna Cookery School makes cooking fun

Loving the convivial atmosphere at Manna From Devon

Popping into Manna on a Sunday morning made me think. I rate myself as a good cook and once even taught cookery (then called Domestic Science) in a middle school in Sheffield, so why do I never make my own bread? Short answer is lack of confidence as there seem to be so many variables that can go wrong. So it was really interesting to see David and Holly facilitating a group of couples in the art of bread making. Up to their elbows in flour and clearly enjoying themselves, they all relished the idea of not just making bread but having the confidence to be creative about it.

David and Holly’s relaxed yet authoritative style was much appreciated by the participants. Collectively they commented, ‘David and Holly are such great teachers, it’s been a very convivial experience. The whole weekend we have been made welcome house guests. Such good fun and informative.’


Busting the myths of bread making

One of the myths that we all seemed to believe was that to prevent the dough sticking to the board when kneading you just add more flour. Not so and once David demonstrated the art of kneading, including a throwing in the air as you would making pizza dough, everyone got stuck in and soon found that they too could adopt Davids flair for kneading…. after a few hints and tips.

This particular weekend had attracted a few couples who had wood fired outdoor ovens but didn’t feel they were getting great value from them. There was much merriment amidst the seriousness of perfecting the art of bread making. While this was happening Holly and Anna were preparing a succulent lunch which was about to be cooked in the wood fired ovens lit earlier to reach temperature and of course the bread was going to be popped in too.


Holly preparing a yummy lunch while David checks the wood fired oven is up to temperature

It was a beautiful summers day in August and lunch was about to be enjoyed sat on the newly constructed terrace over looking woodland and river views in the distance. Just one of the Dartmouth/Kingswear experiences that make this town and village the place it is – rich in quality, activity, gastronomic delights, views.

Charlie from Bedfordshire says, ‘I didn’t know much about cooking even less about baking but now feel really confident in starting to make bread of all descriptions in our wood burning oven – just marvelous. ‘

Sally from Potting says, ‘Dartmouth has a huge reputation for food and this illustrates how current the style of cooking is here in this small town… punching above it’s weight.’

Steve and Lorraine from WoodFord Green say, ‘Been superb, changed our attitude to cooking.’

And someone else pipes up, ‘If I take away 50 % of what I have learned I will be very happy. It’s been a great experience.’


Courses are great for all ages … get back into the fun of cooking

If you are interested in Manna from Devon courses check out the website:

Manna From Devon courses – Autumn 2016

David and Holly provide a huge array of courses and now also offering short courses – soups, sauces etc for those of us who find it hard to give up a day.

The next big ‘foodie’ event in Dartmouth is the acclaimed Dartmouth Food Festival:

Dartmouth Food Festival 2013 – Oct 21/23

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